Art by Delphine Peller

New Works

Blessing in the Garden
Autumn Spectrum
Summer Blues
Atlas Dances
Together They Fly
Palette Paint Peel & Acrylic
Palette Paint Peel & Acrylic
Orchid House 1
Orchid House 3
Orchid House 2
Random Acts of Kindness 2
Random Acts of Kindness 1
Zen Lotus
Be Still
Table at Ollies
Palette Paint Peel
Palette Paint Peel
Among the Lillypads
Purple Encore
3 Lotuses


mixed media on canvas framed size 22"h x 18"w $400 "Demure", "Extrovert", and "Guarded" are a conversation on how outward appearance can lead one to make assumptions about character, substance, etc. Do you see beyond the showy spring blossoms of the crabapple tree to see the wonderful twisted weathered trunk? Or the hesitant first fronds of the maple tree...does one realize the depth and beauty of color of a maple throughout the seasons? Does one have the patience to see past the harsh exterior of the prickly pinecone to witness the towering pine tree?